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Cute young blonde Eliza Eves has spent the previous night having fantastic sex with her big dicked boyfriend. He had to go, but upon waking in the morning, Eliza hears the doorbell ring. Still feeling horny, she hopes that it is her man come back to give her another pounding. Instead, it is you, sent by her boss to give her a surprise gift of sweets and chocolates. One look at her tight body has your dick growing inside your pants immediately, and you have no choice but to unzip and whip it out in order to relieve the pressure. Luckily, the beautiful girl is horny as hell, and wants another good fucking. And to be fucked by a complete stranger that she has just met, it is such an erotic thrill for the young angel!

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Shy and innocent blonde Hungarian teen Nikki’s dad works for a famous VR porn company. One night, his boss comes to pay a visit, but both of her parents are away. Nikki nervously lets him come in for a drink, he has come so far away after all, and her father might get in to trouble if she isn’t nice to him. Young Niki is wearing a super cute dress and like many naughty teen girls, often inadvertently lets men see up it when she bends over, wearing no panties so that they can get a good look at her shaved pussy and adorable tight ass. She does so on this occasion, hoping it will please her father’s boss, and it sure does. His dick grows so hard and he has to unzip his pants to expose his thick erection to the teen. Nikki is so curious about this powerful man who runs a VR porn studio, and gets down on her knees and begins to eagerly suck him…