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You’re a teacher, and it’s your first day in a new job at a new school. You can’t get over how beautiful the girls are, and you try to conceal the erection in your pants as you struggle to give the lesson. At the end of the class, one of the girls asks to stay behind to talk to you. She’s the prettiest in the class, and you were already day dreaming about fucking her tight little body. Well now you discover that she is hot for you too. She wastes no time in letting you see up her skirt for a view of her sweet hairless pussy. Then the shamelesss schoolgirl slut gets on to the desk and starts masturbating right in front of you. The girl needs to be taught a lesson – a lesson in hard cock!

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After seducing and fucking their lucky professor, these three naughty schoolgirls have definitely got the taste for older man’s cock. Now they want some more, and they have set their lustful eyes on lucky old you – their classroom teacher. Few men could resist the temptation of three nubile young teenage college girls coming on strong to them. The 18 year old sluts flash their perky breasts, and lift up their plaid skirts to reveal virginal white panties, and their hairless pussies. Your boner is out of control, and even though you might lose your job over this, you realize it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your lucky dick inside the ripe, wet pussies of three beautiful teenage schoolies!

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Two naughty schoolgirls learn an important lesson in life – do not take sexy selfies of your slutty teen bodies, or they could end up everywhere on the Internet for perverts to fap over! These two naieve 18 year old teens turn to their kind teacher for help. But first, the teacher asks to see the photos that the girls are so ashamed of. Embarrassed, the girls get out their smartphones, and show him their saucy nude pictures that leaked online. He studies them carefully. Very carefully. The girls notice that his dick is getting hard. Then he tells them that if they want his help to get the photos removed, they are going to have to behave like the sluts that the photos prove they are, and get down on their knees to suck his throbbing cock!

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Life isn’t easy being the teacher of hormone fuelled, sexy 18 year old college girls. Revently, you gave in to temptation and fucked one of the horny girls who had been leading you on, lifting her skirt in class and showing you the hairless little wet pussy she was offering. You banged her hard, and you don’t regret it. But now one of her classmates, who also had a crush on you, has found images of you fucking the girl on your phone. She knows you could lose your job for fucking one of your students, and now she’s going to black mail. She doesn’t want money though. She wants your hard cock inside her tight, wet teen pussy too! Give the scheming litle slut what she wants and fuck her balls deep. Leave her with a face full of your sperm, and take off your VR headset knowing that your job is still safe!

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You’re the teacher of a cute young blonde barbie girl, and she’s got a crush on you. And why not? You might be a lot older than her, but you’re still a handsome man who can make young girls go wet at the knees and wet in the gusset area of their little white panties. Of course, you could lose your job if you give in to temptation and let this 18 year old angel seduce you. But when she sits at her desk opposite you, and lifts up her plaid skirt to reveal her virginal white panties, and then pulls them aside to show her hairless young pussy, it’s simply too much. You get the hard cock out of your pants, feeling almost dizzy at the knowledge that it is about to slide into the sweet girl’s tight and wet little pussy.

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Adorable teenager Kate Quinn is a flirty young thing, and as soon as you knock on her door and she answers, you know you are in for a sexual treat. You were hoping to see your boss, but his sweet teen daughter is something else. Daddy is away, and young Kate is already noticing the bulge in your pants. It gives her such a thrill, and an enormous sense of pride, when she sees that her teen body is a turn on for older men. She invites you in. As soon as you both sit down, the naughty teenie starts to lift up her plaid school skirt, letting you see up it and glimpse the angelic sight of her pure white panties. This is just the start of her forbidden show. Soon, the panties drop to the floor, and this not so innocent babe is fingering her wet little pussy for you!

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Blue-eyed babe Corra Cox is the neighbourhood schoolgirl who has all the men fantasizing about her tight, young body. Now she is 18 and legal, and all the guys are trying to be the first to get inside her sweet teen body. Well they can wait, because you are the guy that young Corra has chosen to be the first older man in her life to fuck. She may be 18, but she’s still at college. Which means that she’s wearing her adorable school uniform when she starts to suck on your cock like a lolipop. I hope you don’t mind! Join this pert-breasted young lovely in VR now!

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Three naughty schoolgirls plot to seduce you, their lucky teacher, on their final day of school. They are finally legal, and are about to go out into the adult world. What better way to give these beautiful 18 year old schoolgirls their final exam, by seeing if all three are capable of sucking and riding your cock, and letting you fuck each of their tight, wet pussies balls deep, in virtual reality? Three innocent and nubile girls, all wearing naughty school uniform, who are ready to show you that they are all grown up. What more sexy fun than this is it possible to have inside your Oculus Quest 2 headset? 7K VR teen porn featuring the young nymphs Kylie Green & Lilly Bella & Scarlett Jones.