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Best friends forever Sandralyd and AraMix decided to attend college together. However, without adult supervision or guidance, they quickly fell prey to the typical pitfalls of undergraduate life: excessive party culture, alcohol consumption, virtual reality smut exploration, and hookup seeking. Consequently, their scholastic efforts suffered significant decline. Upon consulting with their professors about their failing marks, SandraLyd and AraMix were informed that expulsion loomed unless radical measures were taken. Desperate to stay enrolled, the duo accepted a proposition from their instructor involving sexual misconduct within his private office. He asked each student to remove her trousers and assume positions upon his lap suitable for intimate stimulation. His obscene requests included dual cunnilingus, tandem rear entry, and concluding ejaculations splashed onto their visages. This initial lewd interaction commenced an open-ended arrangement wherein further exploitative relationships would continue throughout the remaining years of their collegiate career.

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Claudia Garcia was never a big fan of studying, and it finally caught up to her when she realized she would fail a class and won’t be able to go to college. Lucky for her, you happen to be a horny perv and her teacher, so she found a better way of getting a passing grade. She let you play with her big boobs in your office before getting down on her knees to drool on your big dick. Claudia knew a blowjob wasn’t enough to pass the class, so she took off her panties and started fucking with you on the floor in VR while her boobs kept bouncing.

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It never gets old seeing your astonishing GF, Melany Mendes, playing video games while wearing a sexy black outfit that shows almost her entire ass. She knows that playing video games isn’t as exciting as spending quality time with you, so she decides to give you a blowjob before telling you what surprise she has prepared for you. She knew your step-sister was coming home earlier and already talked her into having threesome sex with the two of you. They seem to be so into it, so they keep taking turns fucking with you in different positions until both of them reach orgasms and make you cum.

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Sweet Spanish schoolgirl Ohana has spent too much time partying, being with boys, and watching porn. Now the 18 year old angel has found that her grades have suffered, and she’s in trouble with her parents. She is determined to change course, and when you summon her into your school principal’s office, she promises that she will be a good girl from now on, and study hard. But you are a hard man to please. You tell her it is too late, and that you must kick her out of the school. She pleads with you with her innocent puppy dog eyes. But that wont work on you. You need something more than that. As she notices you looking at her young body, and the ripe breasts beneath her school blouse, she understands what she needs to do. She lifts up her skirt, and lets you have a view of her young, shaved little pussy. You can already see drops of girl cum dripping from it. This naughty slut is going to rescue her academic career. After she has sucked your cock and ridden it with her sopping wet teen pussy!