Gina Gerson Fucks Her Lucky Teacher

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Cutie Russian superstar Gina Gerson may no longer be a teenager, but she’s still perfect for the part of a naughty schoolgirl that every real man would like to fuck. You get to play the role of the lucky teacher who knows exactly what to do when cheeky Gina arrives late for an exam. Tell her she’ll get an A grade pass if she goes down on your stiff cock and lets you slide your throbbing penis deep inside that juicy, tight schoolgirl pussy of hers!

5K Virtual reality porn starring one of the biggest names in the XXX industry. You can experience this movie in VR in two different ways – POV mode (from the point of view of the lucky teacher) or Voyeur mode, where you watch it as in conventional porn, but in immersive 3D so you feel you are right there next to Gina and the teacher!

Hey Teacher starring Gina Gerson

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