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If you have a Quest 2 or – even better – a Meta Quest Pro, or any headset with ‘passthrough’ mode, then you can bring the sexy Jade Kimiko into your home, for an amazingly erotic private one-on-one experience. What makes this show even more intense, is that Jade expertly provides some ASMR as well. You will be in heaven, with your raging boner and your brain turned into ecstatic mush, as Jade climbs on to your lap while you sit on your sofa, bed, or chair, and she whispers into your ear, oh so sexily. She’ll give you a sloppy blowjob, then ride your cock hard on your lap, in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. When it finally gets to the point where you have to release your semen, no need to worry about where it’s flying. In passthrough mode, you can safely get your tissue ready!


Sweet Spanish Schoolgirl Promises To Be A Good Girl

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Sweet Spanish schoolgirl Ohana has spent too much time partying, being with boys, and watching porn. Now the 18 year old angel has found that her grades have suffered, and she’s in trouble with her parents. She is determined to change course, and when you summon her into your school principal’s office, she promises that she will be a good girl from now on, and study hard. But you are a hard man to please. You tell her it is too late, and that you must kick her out of the school. She pleads with you with her innocent puppy dog eyes. But that wont work on you. You need something more than that. As she notices you looking at her young body, and the ripe breasts beneath her school blouse, she understands what she needs to do. She lifts up her skirt, and lets you have a view of her young, shaved little pussy. You can already see drops of girl cum dripping from it. This naughty slut is going to rescue her academic career. After she has sucked your cock and ridden it with her sopping wet teen pussy!

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You’re sharing a room with three other sex addicts. You can’t stop fucking in VR, and you decided that it’s time you sought help for the problem. Unfortunately, the three sex addicts you are sharing the class with are all young, female, and beautiful. Looks like your addiction might need to wait to be treated, because these three sluts aren’t in any mood to go cold turkey! They prefer to binge on your rock hard, lucky cock! The cum crazed beauties have sopping wet pussies that need to be filled with at least one new dick a day, and they aint going to turn down your throbbing monster. Features Ember Snow, Nicole Doshi, and Jennie Rose in a wild orgy of multiple positions and ends with all three beauties taking thick wads of your sperm into their eager mouths.

British Teen’s Private Magic Show Turns Into Hard Sex

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British teenager Scarlett Jones thinks she has talent as a magician. She tries to earn money to pay for her college fees by hiring her magic shows out to private parties and individuals. Someone should have told this innocent girl that her biggest talents lay in her smoking hot body, most chiefly her fantastic titties. One day, she arrives at the home of a private individual who has booked her show. As she unpacks her props and gets ready to start her act, she notices that her serious looking client is checking out her body. It quickly becomes apparent that he is more interested in her tits than her magic tricks. She decides that if this is what he wants, then this is what he is going to get. She forgets about her magician act, and takes off her top to reveal her amazingly plump and ripe teen breasts. The man gets his throbbing penis out of his pants, and tells the girl to get on her knees and start sucking! The girl loves being told what to do, and enjoys being put in every position he wants, in order for him to fuck her young body balls deep!

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You get to check out the amazing nubile and barely legal body of a naked Ukrainian teen girl in the shower. You’re so close in 3D VR, and your cock will start to throb with desire as you watch her like a perv, showering her pert breasted young body. But she knows that you are watching, and it turns the naughty little slut on. Her pussy is getting wet, and it’s time to go from the shower to the bed. She’s going to let you fuck her brains out in VR. She doesn’t care how old you are, or what you look like. She just wants your hard cock inside her tight, teen pussy, and for you to fuck her sweet young body balls deep in every position!

VirtualTaboo – Unboxing Sexy Xmas Gifts

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You still have some gifts to unwrap from Christmas, and they come in the heavenly shapes of Alyssa Bounty & Barbie Brill, and Lili Charmelle. The angelic Blonde Barbie Brill is your naughty stepdaughter with a taboo crush on you – her horny stepdaddy. She knows that Xmas is a time for family, and that this is her best chance to get you into bed with her! She’s enlisted two of her sexiest friends for the job of seducing you. She knows that no red-blooded man can resist the charms of THREE nubile girls coming on to him together…even when one of them is his own teenage stepdaughter! Your cock is throbbing as these three seductive sluts start to strip off their sexy santa outfits in front of you. Before you know it they are taking turns to give you sloppy blowjobs. And, then the fucking begins. An hour of wild sex with all three babes, in which you get to discover and enjoy every inch of their perfect, naked bodies. By the end of the video, you’ve fucked all three girls in every position, including your own cute blonde stepdaughter. You finally pull out of her tight taboo pussy, after stretching it with your furious balls deep banging, and cover her princess face with daddy’s sperm!

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Seems like you were a good boy this year, because Santa has brought you some very special gifts. Four nubile young American teen girls, who are all ripe for the fucking, as well as more than up for a fucking! All four of the tempting sluts wear sexy Santa outfits, but waste no time in stripping off and showing you their young and fuckable bodies. Features Armani Black, Lily Larimar, Penelope Kay, and Scarlet Skies as the lovely sex crazed beauties, and includes ass licking, kissing, doggy style, cum on face, and more!

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Pretty young model Kylie Rocket is an American sweetheart who is always ready to share out the gift of loving at this time of year. And she knows very well that the gift that every man wants from her is her juicy tight pussy! You watch her with a growing hard on as she puts up some xmas decorations around your home. She’s noticed you trying to look up her skirt, and the saucy angel is going to let you have an even closer view. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck on your throbbing penis. The nubile slut strips down to her adorable blue knee socks, and then lets you fuck her tight body in multiple positions. Your cock will quickly get coated in her teenage love juices, as you have the time of your life inside her body for 45 minutes that will feel like an eternity of sexual bliss!