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Plump breasted young beauty Scarlett Mae welcomes you to her home town of Columbus, the capital of Ohio, and a great location to do some sightseeing and then some fucking!

You have arrived in Columbus, the nation’s capitol of Ohio. Many of Columbus’s most famous sites highlight the city’s rich history and stunning architecture. Neighbourhoods in the city are as varied as the people who live there, and each one has its own special flavour. The Short North Arts District is a hive of activity, with galleries, shops, and restaurants that tourists go to see. The lively Arena District is home to many nightlife hotspots, sports arenas, and entertainment facilities. An additional point of interest is the city’s restaurant culture, which offers something for everyone’s palate.
As an entrepreneur, you’re in Columbus, Ohio to wrap up the closing on a house you’re buying. It is your firm belief that the local home market will continue its recent upward trend. Real estate agent Scarlett Mae, who is assisting you with the transaction, has her home office, which you visit. Upon your arrival, she will gladly tour you around her house and provide you with the necessary documents. It should be easy for you to obtain this lovely property, according to Scarlett Mae, since you are paying cash and are receiving a fantastic bargain.
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