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Your stepsister Ria Sunn always had a smoking hot best friend, Sladyen Skaya, who you wanted to fuck for a while, and things started to look up once she got older! After the wedding day, the three of you and Sladyen’s stepbrother, who married your stepsister, wanted to spend the night together, but that’s not all you had planned. Your wife and Ria Sunn decided to give the two of you blowjobs before taking off their wedding dresses to get their pussies fucked hard. Nothing made you happier than fucking your wife from behind, but she wanted to take the lead by riding your cock, and so did Ria Sunn, and they didn’t stop until they made you cum.

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There’s not much better in life than fucking another man’s wife, and when she’s young and beautiful with still perky breasts it’s quite an unbelievable feeling. Virtual reality gives every man the power to be a home wrecker with no reason to feel guilt or shame. So step right into this parallel universe in which your stiff cock is regularly pounding the sweet pussies of young wives, teens, MILFs and even stepdaughters.

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Thankfully virtual reality is a cesspit of immorality and unfaithfulness – just like the real world! You don’t have to search too hard to find a sexy cheating wife willing to let you smash her hard behind hubby’s back. And the little bitch in this VR movie thinks nothing of letting a stranger’s cock inside her holes when her hard working husband is too tired to satisfy her.

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