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Demi Hawks and Lucy Doll are two beautiful young ladies getting ready to begin a new chapter in their lives as they head off to college. While you’ve spent time with them over the summer months, things are set to change once classes begin again. With excitement filling the air, Lucy reveals some big news – she’s been accepted into one of America’s most prestigious universities, known as the Ivy League. However, while Demi received acceptance letters from several schools, you weren’t among those chosen to attend alongside your friends. Nevertheless, with Lucy feeling anxious about leaving everyone behind and facing the prospect of being surrounded by countless attractive men, Demi offers words of reassurance and a tender moment of affection through a warm embrace.
As the three of you enjoy spending quality time together, thoughts turn towards Lucy’s impending transition to life beyond high school. Nervous energy builds within her as she imagines starting fresh without much prior relationship experience. But don’t worry, you’re here to provide guidance and a helping hand (or two) where needed. Whether practicing cunnilingus techniques or experimenting with different intercourse styles, such as doggy-style or missionary position, these girls seem more than eager to explore every aspect of human interaction with you as part of the equation. This could be the beginning of something truly magical, but only if you rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity presented to you. So let’s see what happens when innocence meets raw desire in this erotic adventure!