College Student Lifts Up Her Skirt And Invites Professor To Bang Her Love Hole

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Once upon a time, Mary was a top student. However, when she reached university, she found herself prioritizing social life and partying over academics. Despite having a great time and gaining popularity among students, her grades began slipping. Eventually, she received an ultimatum from one of her professors: improve her academic performance or face expulsion.

Determined to remain in school, Mary proposed a risky bet to her professor during a meeting to discuss her grades. The wager involved a friendly round of mini-golf – if Mary won, she could continue attending the university; if she lost, she’d be forced to leave.

During their golf game, Mary attempted to seduce her professor in order to influence the outcome. But even after exposing her body to him, it seemed like her efforts wouldn’t suffice to change his mind about her lackluster academics.

Just as the professor prepared for the last critical shot of the match, Mary positioned herself directly in the line of fire. With a smile, she offered something else that might persuade him to let her stay – her willingness to perform sexual acts. Realizing Mary’s desperation, he decided to take advantage of the situation, ultimately agreeing to keep her in school if she pleased him in ways beyond mere conversation.

Their passionate encounter ended with Mary experiencing incredible pleasure and the professor feeling satisfied. From then on, her studies improved, thanks to regular sessions where books took a back seat to erotic pleasures.