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Your beautiful and adorable teen stepsister has been teasing your cock so hard with her tight body. But the tempting little slut seems out of bounds so long as her strict Granny has control of her. Today, you finally give in to temptation and let the teasing temptress suck on your throbbing cock like a lolipop. But suddenly Granny catches you. To your amazement and relief, she finds herself drawn to the taboo action, and decides that she can teach her teen grandaughter some sexy new tricks for you!

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Your nubile teenage babysitter looks so innocent, especially when she is still wearing the plaid skirt and white knee socks she had on all day at school. But this pretty little 18 year old girl is more knowing than she looks. She’s no innocent virgin, although she has never fucked a man as old as you before. Are you willing to show her what she has missing? Stretch her tight little love hole like none of the boys she has been with ever could. Give her the hardest fucking of her young life, and she’ll reward you by willingly letting you shoot your messy sperm all over her pretty face and into her cum thirsty mouth. She’ll lick every last drop, and with a sexy smile on her face too!

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